Reid and Sam recently did a session for Daytrotter. Check out some snaps below.

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We’re pleased to announce that we shall be performing at this year’s Green Man Festival which is held in the picturesque setting of Glanusk Park, Wales. Get yourself some tickets HERE. See you down the front! 

We’ve been holed up in North Acton preparing for the new record. Check out some snaps taken by our very own Tomer Danan. 

For more of Tomer’s photos click on this link,


Being the big Dr. Feelgood fans that we are we decided it was high time we took a trip down to Canvey Island. First we picked up a hardcase from a Canvey local who was also schooled by the guitar weilding maniac Wilko Johnson of aforementioned band. Lucky bloke! We had ourselves some local cuisine in the form of pie and mash then set off to see the sights. 

Canvey Island is pretty much a floating time warp. Locals seem to either loiter by the derelict amusement park or compulsively ram shrapnel into the knackered old penny arcades. After a few photos we hightailed it outta there and went down by the jetty.

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The infamous jetty does have a sort of grim charm to it. You look out onto the swampy thames delta and see a vast backdrop of industrial wasteland.  

Canvey and it’s residents are similar to that of the feelgood’s music. They like what they like and whilst everywhere else around them is trying to keep up with the next big thing, they seem content with what they have. So hey, who are we to judge? A lick or two of paint and a rubbish collection could go a long way though folks. Just a suggestion. 

We came, we saw and most importantly, we left! Thanks for having us. Till next time.

Peace, love and Canvey Island.

Matthew and Reid

We’re pleased to be performing at this year’s Bergenfest. They’ve got a cracking line up this year and we’d love to see you there. So if you’re in or around Norway, come on down! For tickets and more info go to

Hey folks.

We’ll be playing the Music For Listeners Party at SXSW this year and would love to see some of you there! It’s taking place at the Flat Top Burger Shop,1900 Manor Road, Austin, Texas. 

High quality burgers and even higher quality music. Whaddaya say, let’s boogie!

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We’re pleased to announce that our official showcase will be March 14th, hosted by Communion at Maggie Mae’s, 323 East 6th Street. More SXSW news to follow so stay tuned.

Yo Yorkshire!

We’re happy to announce that we will be playing Deershed Festival this July and we would love to see you there, follow the link below for tickets and more info.

Join us on January 12th as we we head to The Hippodrome in Kingston for our ‘New Slang’ debut.

We’ll be supported by Silver Days and tickets are £4 in advance (venue collection only, 20p booking fee). These can be purchased from

This is an over 18 gig, doors are open at 9pm and after we’ve played the club night goes on until 2am.

RSVP on the Facebook Event page and let us know that you’re coming by clicking here!

I’m sitting here at my desk as one of Tom Waits’s many masterpieces MULE VARIATIONS washes over me like a beautiful unpolished bath.  I have been back off tour for a while now and and gearing up for Christmas and all the entanglements it will impose (IF ANY OF YOU ARE WONDERING I WOULD LIKE A PONY PLEASE). 

I was touring for a week supporting Marcus Foster and over the week we dropped in on Cambridge, Nottingham, Manchester, Stroud, Bristol and last but by no means least Birmingham. We also did a show at London’s Dingwalls which was a great night for me as I did a solo show and then sped of to the Cuckoo Club to do a show with the guys (Treetops) for renowned songwriter Guy Chambers. 

As is often the case on tour I met a broad spectrum of music lovers of all ages and as always a few nutters.  I saw some great scenery and came away with several albums in my head from hours spent in the van between cities. To name a few, TOM WAITS ‘MULE VARIATIONS’ (Just perfect) ELLIOT SMITH ‘FIGURE 8’ (Amazing production  I won’t be putting this down for a while), BEACH BOYS ‘BEST OF’ (How can you ever feel bad when this is playing), REM ‘OUT OF TIME’ (Who would win in a fight?  Michael Stipe or Thom Yorke?)

And last but not least…. The 1990 forgotten treasure, The SYNTHESIZER ALBUM  

 YES you may say I have changed and abandoned any credibility I may have mustered but please let me explain..  I had a dream one night on tour and it took me back to age ten when I bought this record on casette  I do not know why but the dream brought it all back to me and I had to find a copy of this monstrosity.

The record features such classics as AUTOBAHN, CROCKETT’S THEME and the sublime EVE OF THE WAR (War of the worlds).  It says on the cover a big thanks to ROLAND UK..I BEG TO DIFFER.  This album is a misguided experiment in new technology and was proudly recorded live to DAT. Hmmm. Produced arranged and performed by Chris Cozens and Nick Magnus. Where are they now? Anyone? I challenge you people out there to air your dirty musical laundry with me.  

What’s in your closet? This album makes me shiver with disgust but its still spinning as I write and I know my girlfriend is gonna love it….